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Brand New Item! Please reach out to us for additional information and to learn about the full assortment! Brand: Toff & Zurpel Description: For use in storing food, either by wrapping directly or over a container. Toff & Zurpel organic cotton fabrics are woven for us in Germany and are from controlled organic cultivation, unbleached and free of any harmful substances or chemicals. In addition, our cotton fabrics for our beeswax cloths are GOTS certified. The Global Organic Textile Standard is the processing of textiles from biologically produced natural fibers. Ingredients: - Beeswax is a natural preservative. We humans have been making use of this since ancient times. We only use excess wax from selected organic beekeepers for our beeswax cloths. In doing so, beekeeping in accordance with its nature , which is based on the natural needs of the animals and not on maximizing yield, is particularly important to us. - Tree sap is also a real miracle cure in nature. It ensures durability, flexibility and longevity of our beeswax cloths. The pine resin is the only component that does not have an organic certificate - as there is none. For this we get our tree sap from black pine, a traditional pitching factory in Austria, which is listed by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage. - Fair Trade organic coconut oil stores heat and ensures the necessary suppleness of our beeswax cloths without becoming greasy. Our organic coconut oil is a purely natural product from controlled organic cultivation and is obtained through gentle cold pressing. The cultivation of the coconut palms and the processing of the coconuts are carried out according to strict organic and fair trade standards. Dimensions: XS (14 × 12 cm); S (21 × 18 cm); M (28 × 24 cm); L (42 × 36 cm); XL (56 x 48 cm) Care: Wash with cool water and provided soap. Line dry.
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