Master Shin Sashimi Knife, no. 61

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Designer: Master Shin-in Young Established: 1845 Brand: Master Shin's Anvil The Shin Blacksmith was established there in 1845, today in the 5th generation of the family and the oldest blacksmith in Korea. He’s the only artisan who practices a traditional technique of attaching steel sheets to clay. He teaches widely, in an interest to pass down craft and tradition. Item Description: Master Shin makes roughly 300+ different designs of knives and farm tools. He uses railroad track, repurposing the carbon steel which is rich is manganese and can be heated to a very high temperature. This steel is hardened, wear-resistant and good for cutting. The handles are made of chestnut, slowly dried in sunlight for years so it is lightweight, strong and rot-resistant. Master Shin’s uses an X banding technique “dang ghi” around the wood handle without burning the wood, one of his many trademarks. In Korea the X mark was reserved traditionally for high quality knives, so as to distinguish them from lesser quality iron rich steel. Master Shin’s blades are stamped with his mark, the #60 referring to his heritage status. With knife production, the steel is hammered a thousand times to reach the thin and sharp edge, which keeps sharp longer than inferior knives. Master Shin’s knives do not have the angular beveled edge seen in Japanese and Western knives; this is Master’s Shin’s preference which takes additional hammering to achieve, and is an another unique feature of his. Materials: handle: chestnut or oak wood, sun-dried for years to achieve the right weight and water resistance. blade: steel. Dimensions: L: 11.5" Care Instructions: No need to sharpen for the first two to three years. After which, one may sharpen with a honing stone as needed. Avoid using the knife on hard surfaces. To clean, wipe with a soft cloth using water only then dry thoroughly to prevent rust. Lightly oil the blade as needed. Made In: South Korea

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