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Laser-Cut Wood Ornaments - available in assorted woods - maple, cherry & walnut Dimensions - 2.25'' x 2.25" (round, maple), 2.25'' x 3.75'' (tear drop, cherry), 3'' x 3'' (diamond, walnut) , 3"x3" (star, cherry) These ornament designs are inspired by vintage blown glass Christmas Ornaments. Our wood ornaments are durable and easy to store - a modern reinterpretation of classical design that looks great on any tree! As always, our products slot together and easily come apart to store flat. Packaged in a gift bag that can be used for storage as well. All of our home accessories are made of individual pieces that slot together without the need for fasteners. Putting them together like a 3d puzzle is part of the fun. This also allows us to ship them flat-packed, and is great for storage.
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United States
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Under $15
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Under $25
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$8.50 each
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