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Origami lamshade DESIGN AND TECHNIQUE Line of lamps inspired by the Japanese art of Origami, we use the structural properties of this technique mainly given by the work of the fold known as valley / mountain and its multiple possibilities. Designed by architect of Japanese descent Mitsue Kido. When our lamps are off they propose a play of geometry, light and shadow. When lit, the paper flashes light and transforms into a totally different and unique light object. MATERIAL: Made with mineral paper or stone paper, 100% waterproof, composed of 60-80% Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) and 40-20% Polyethylene (PE). 1. Neither trees, nor water, nor chlorine are used in its production (since the natural color of Calcium Carbonate is white) .3 In addition, 50% less CO2 is emitted than in vegetable paper and 50% less is consumed Energy. It is Cradle to Cradle certified.4 WARNING: Only LED bulbs should be used. Manufacture Moshi Moshi: All our models have been manufactured by hand by a team specialized in the technique of folded paper (Origami).
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