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To celebrate the spring and summer seasons of 2020 after a difficult winter, Mia Mélange designed a new, bright range! This large floor basket serves a range of purposes. It can be used as a planter for big indoor plants, or to keep your bathroom, bedroom, or kids' room tidy. Use it as a laundry basket, or for storing towels, blankets, scatter cushions, yoga mats, kids' toys or even dog toys! The colour rope is a durable South African sourced polyester. The ivory rope is South African 100% cotton. Mia Mélange baskets are made from rope which we carefully sew together in a coiling technique. The cotton is grown locally in South Africa by farmers who are members of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). Our cotton rope baskets are made in our studio in Stellenbosch, just outside of Cape Town, South Africa. Approximate Size: D 40cm x H 45cm (D15 3/4in x H17 5/7in) We aim to create high quality products, by using the best and most sustainable local materials we can find. Each one of our products is carefully designed and produced with great care and attention to detail. Our designs are inspired by a love for nature, texture, natural materials and ancient crafting techniques. We like to combine all of these to create modern and functional designs. Mia Mélange believes in empowering women and creating opportunities. We are passionate about our local community and strive to create jobs for previously unemployed women in our area. We aim to teach our talented team members valuable skills, provide them with an ability to earn a decent income, and empower them to be independent and able to support themselves and their families.
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