Ilo Wireless Transparent Stereo Pairing Party Speaker


Xoopar · Digital Market


Xoopar has built an aesthetic of minimalistic design philosophy with the Ilo line of products. Natural forms and beauty transcend transparency, sublimated by Xoopar signature LED light touch. Ilo Part Speaker is a 6.6 inch tall 10 Watt speaker with True Wireless Stereo feature: If you buy a second unit, you can pair them to act as an immersive stereo system, one speaker on one side of your living room playing your left channel and the other speaker located in the opposite part of the room playing your right channel. You can decide if you want Ilo Party to display a rainbow of colors with its built-in LED lights shining through the transparent acrylic, or if you want the party speaker to stick to a given color shade.(or take the light off altogether!). No need to plug Ilo Party Speaker anywhere, its battery lets it play for up to 6 hours straight of undistorted sound.

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