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 Biraago is an interior design and fashion accessories company, which also produces contemporary African home décor products.  

Our signature design product is Authentic, handmade African products blended into contemporary designs.  

 It’s our dream to bring it to your home where a piece of history will be placed. The uniqueness and ethnicity of traditional home décor. 

Biraago is your household name. 

Biraago is a woman owned company based in Ghana, West African. She believes in empowering women and hence biraago employs and empowers women and also as a social responsibility supports the needy and less privileged in the society. 

Our products are produced locally and with natural, local and recycled materials from Ghana and neighboring West African countries. Now introducing its new line of pet products, from recycled materials.  

Behind every product is a story. 


let’s celebrate our cultural heritage.  

My history, my tradition. 

It’s an honor for us to introduce;  


(Home of quality and authentic designs).  

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