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 JetHeart "MORE THAN A GREETING CARD AND MORE THAN A GIFT"                     
Simple Hands-on Activities - No Experience Necessary! Honest! For Ages 3 to 99+
            Includes Activity Card, Instruction Card, Envelope, and Lot's of Fun

There are so many ways to spend time with the people you care about, though it can be tough to be creative when you’re stressed, pressed for time, or just unsure of what makes a good “quality time” activity.  That’s why we created JetHeart 

We take the guesswork out of creative gift giving, and give you the ticket to getting together, having fun, and learning more about the people in your life. 


  • While it’s easy to become a part of a statistic because the demands of work and the pull of social media vie for our time, with a little intentional planning, JetHeart can help your family realign its priorities and spend more meaningful time together.    
  • Before the pandemic, many of us were so immersed with the craziness of our
    daily routines, along with technology overload; we didn’t realize how little  
    quality time we were spending with the people we care about. The silver
    lining to the pandemic is that it has opened our eyes to re-establishing more
    meaningful time together with our families and loved ones.    
  • At created JetHeart   our activities for parents and children are great ways to spend
    time with children and teens who are typically glued to technology.This
    screen-free, one-on-one time builds trust and strengthen bonds while family
    members demonstrate their devotion to prioritizing time together by putting
    down the devices. 




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