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Kitty Kardboard is bridging the gap between home decor and cat products, starting with the most essential item in a cat owner's home: the cardboard box.
My inspiration behind Kitty Kardboard was my own cat named Kitty, who loved cardboard boxes. In fact, all cats love boxes, but this adorable obsession comes with a drawback for cat owners: there are several empty Amazon boxes scattered around your home at ALL times.
After learning that cardboard boxes improve cats' overall health and well-being, I realized that getting rid of the box wasn't the solution to the problem; The solution was to reinvent the box. So, I set out to design a product that offers cats all the same benefits of a typical cardboard box, while offering their humans a beautiful piece of decor for their home.
Kitty Kardboard cat pyramids are consciously made in the USA out of recycled cardboard. The patterns on the boxes are printed with water-based, biodegradable ink, and were designed and illustrated by myself to compliment a wide variety of interior design tastes. The structural shape was also thoughtfully designed by myself to be easily assembled without tools or adhesives, and to flat pack to the smallest possible size in an effort to minimize carbon "paw"print.

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