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We are a cooperative of Aymara women’s from the Chilean highlands, creators of the AYMAR SAWURI Brand which means “Aymara weave” in our native language, and through our work we seek to keep our traditions and ancestral techniques alive, those are passed from generation to generation, with which nowadays we wish to cross borders with each natural fiber.

Our values are based on fair trade, the sustainability of our culture and the sustainability of our environment with the care of our alpaca where we extract the raw material at more than 4000 meters above sea level and the prevailing flora than provide wonderful inks.

We want, through our fine products, to go beyond the commercialization of these. It is to meet the heritage and the indigenous identity so that they live the experience through each texture and design inspired by our high lands.

Therefore, we invite you to be part of Aymar Sawuri and together keep the cultural Aymara heritage alive.

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