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Leader of KHJ Studio, Kim HyunJoo is an artist and a designer focused on sculpture, installation, and craft-related lifestyle items.  

Her design philosophy has always been to combine quality material with a craft-driven approach, to eliminate false barriers between design and craft, and to make things that function as art. Her love and obsession is nature and natural materials, and works mainly stone, and Hanji - Korean traditional paper. She aims through her work to deliver the ambient beauty of nature and craftsmanship. 

Kim HyunJoo strives for contemporary harmony in the Studio’s productions. The grand theme is Plus Nature. The process is one of reconciling opposites: 

· Nature meets the city 

· Art meets craft, through design 

· Korean tradition meets modern life 

When all these things are balanced, Plus Nature is achieved. The KHJ Studio lives in ‘the now’, but its values are those of all times. Quality of material, quality of idea. And to show respect for nature, and lives in the future, all KHJ productions are sustainable.   

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