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The basic philosophy of Pearl Life is to “Encourage and Support New Lifestyles”. Our company aims to provide a more comfortable and enjoyable life for our customers through a wide range of products. Pearl Life develops over 1,000 new products every year to provide only the best options for today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

We also have a total of over 10,000 products which is unprecedented in the Japanese kitchenware industry. This gives our customers the ability to fully supply their kitchen with only Pearl Life products. Pearl Life products are widely distributed to every corner of Japan and now looking to expand beyond that. We will continue to deliver our products with a high level of quality and functionality that we have maintained throughout our history.

 Takanami, the founder and current chairman of Pearl Life, has been expanding the business in a very forward-thinking way, always keeping an eye on how things look from a global perspective. He has advanced into the Chinese market and has been one of the premier companies at delivering convenient and high-quality household items consistently.

 Our mission is to enrich everyone's life by distributing Pearl Life, not only to Japan and China but also to every corner of the globe.

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