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Wholesale Ordering: Email us ( a purchase order or list of items to get started. You can download and view our linesheets via the links at the bottom of this page.

Our New England Customers can contact:

Northeast Market Center - TLM Associates 

Tom Lena - - (617) 821-5362    

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Our mission, simply put, is to make stuff  we would want to have. Why should the things we use every day be boring?  We think people should surround themselves with creatively-designed,  cool, and smart products that are both functional and fun. Life is more  interesting when we are inspired by the things we see around us every  day.

Our modern jewelry line is handcrafted in alternative materials such as stainless steel, wood and leather.

Our eco-friendly bamboo home decor and accessories are made of individual parts that slot together. They ship and store flat. And they're easy and fun to assemble - like a 3d puzzle!

We make all of our products in our Long Island, New York Studio. 

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