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LUANGISA African Gallery was founded in 1996 by the Luangisa family from Bukoba, Tanzania.  Our Gallery is located in Mount Vernon New York and is currently open by appointment only.  We carry authentic, Fair Trade, modern African art, artifacts, fashion, home decor, jewelry and textiles.  We work directly with artisans across the continent to share our rich African culture and heritage with the world.

We proudly feature the beautiful Makonde Sculptures from Tanzania, which are traditionally carved out of a single block of premium Tanzanian ebony hardwood. The sculptures are hand carved by renowned Makonde artists by only using a hammer and chisel; no modern power tools are used.  We also have a wide variety of handcrafted Namji dolls, beaded shields, Tikar bangles, Juju hats and other decorative items made by Bamileke, Fulani and Tikar artisans in Cameroon.  Our extensive collection of fine beaded Jewelry and accessories, inspired by the Maasai tribe, is made in our Tanzania workshop.

We are always developing new products and  we work directly with African Artisans to bring the finest African accents to the world.  All our sales directly benefits the artisans who created it, which in turn helps many artisans especially women in Africa in providing the essentials for their families and communities.

Because each item is handcrafted, there may be slight variances in size, shape, color and finish. No two products are alike. This is a particular benefit that we are very proud to offer our clients.

All of our products are shipped from New York, and we can arrange personal delivery to collectors in the Greater New York Region at no additional cost.

Luangisa African Gallery social mission is:

● Support economic empowerment for artisans especially women

● Empower, connect and preserve the African culture, heritage and traditions.

At the very core of what we do, more than anything we can think of - if we make both artisans and customers happy, we’ve succeeded!

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