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The brightest glow-in-the-dark stickers on the planet.

Turn dark spaces into magical glowing wonderlands, designed by... you!


A modern-day twist on the classic (and often nostalgic) glow-in-the-dark star stickers, GLOPLAY offers an array of unique laser cut designs that enhance a child's imagination and allow you to create bedtime stories all your own. With many different shapes that shine brighter than any other glow sticker on the market, these vibrant cutouts will not only add light to dark places but can be easily peeled off and rearranged for use time and time again. They stick on all types of surfaces without falling off or leaving residue behind and will even stick to the bathtub for underwater GLOPLAY fun!

The way they work is simple: Just charge up the glow by exposing them to either natural or artificial light and watch them shine! GLOPLAY's bright, sustainable, glowing stickers light the way towards safe, eco-friendly play.

Our Background

At GLOPLAY, our mission is to bring cutting-edge glow-in-the-dark technology to homes and families all over the globe. Sanko T.A.P. Corporation is the Japanese maker of GLOPLAY with a background in producing specialized plastic materials. Now, with a focus on bringing safe, reliable glow products to the market by expanding our PVC special technology into GLOPLAY decorative stickers, we believe that the future for our brand and developing brand partnerships is ultra-bright.

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