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From Friday, January 1, 2021 12:00 AM to Friday, December 31, 2021 8:00 PM.
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Today’s wholesale market for tomorrow’s retail world.  

Rich with diverse products for discerning retailers, museum stores, and specialty buyers. Where artisans meet designers, celebrate creativity, and tell their stories. Where eclectic products shine, from home style to fashion statements, from amazing accessories to the perfect gift.  

We’re continuing to build the Digital Market into a 365 engagement, discovery, and connection platform that meets your buying needs so you can continue to log in and source our products and brands whenever you need to replenish stock, any time, from anywhere!

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NY NOW Sections

Accent on Design

Dive into an amazing range of modern, trend-setting, cutting-edge designs. Innovative juried products like necklaces, handbags, or pillows crocheted in bold colors out of neoprene. Where even utilitarian gadgets are exciting designs. For more than 35 years, the industry’s leading resource for products has defined eclectic, with an eye on design. Continuing in the tradition, Accent on Design ® at NY NOW®.


Searching for the perfect finishing touch? Just the right layered chain necklace, sparkly chandelier earrings, or dazzling cuff bracelet. A sensational scarf that transforms an outfit. A tempting tote you’ll want to sling over your shoulder every day. Ravishing lounge and resort wear that will have you manifesting a Barbados beach. Stylish men’s accessories. We’ve got your modern, design-driven brands. Vibrant, luxurious. Sustainable and on-trend. Accessories at NY NOW®.

Artisan Resource

Globetrotting starts here. Artisans from Africa, India, Chile, Indonesia—all over the world—work with their hands in clay, natural fibers, metal, and glass. Their expertise is in weaving, papier-mâché, beading, woodworking, batiking, and other specialized techniques. All masters of their craft, their artistic know-how translates to solid sourcing as well as custom design opportunities. All at export terms. Where fashion and trade comingle. Plus, these artisans promote social impact, cultural preservation, and community building. A win-win. Embrace Artisan Resources at NY NOW®.  

Baby + Child

There is something magic about babies and tiny tots. They get you all up in your feels. And all the baby ware—from clothing to furnishings, tableware to binkies, toys to bath care are preciously engaging. Pretty pastels to graphic black and white, provincial to modern and whimsical patterns. Soft knits to crisp cotton. Cozy blankies. Clever artistic toys that get the little one’s attention and develop the mind. The demand for well-designed juvenile goods is huge, and this is an essential stop. Baby + Child at NY NOW®.

Beauty + Wellness

Immerse your mind, body, soul and senses. Breathe in delectable fragrances with notes of mandarin, bergamot, cedar or jasmine from candles and diffusers. Take in the spicy, musky aroma from a patchouli incense. Feast your eyes on beautiful handmade soaps, delicately smooth or textured like oatmeal. You’ll find skincare products, rich scrubs, bath salts and essential oils to make your soak soothing and aromatic. Beautifully crafted and packaged. Experience a little feel-good zen in the aisles of Beauty + Wellness at NY NOW®.   

Gift + Stationery

A text does not hold a candle to a handwritten note. Especially when the notecards themselves are swoon-worthy. From painterly romantic to photorealistic florals, to swirling patterns of sea-blue agate, the range spells true artistry. Old fashioned techniques like letterpress, foil printing, and engraving in modern applications. Journal covers in colorful leathers or cloth are true beauties to house written treasures that may become keepsakes. Jigsaw puzzles are not simply child’s play, but pieces of art. Create a map showcasing your favorite places and things.  Discover engaging product from more than 250 companies showing the latest ideas for host and hostess gifts, pet, toys, candles. Let us be your go-to resource for the perfect gift. Gift + Stationery at NY NOW®.

HANDMADE Designer Maker

Hands-on designers are passionate about their work. Whether it’s glassblowing or metalworking with exquisite cabochons, crafting modern graphic canvas clutches, or sewing silky hand-painted slip dresses. You’ll appreciate the art of wood turning with handsome bowls, geometric wood inlays with cheese trays. The perfect imperfections of wheel-thrown pottery. Here you meet the makers whose original work has been vetted by a jury. Learn about their process—they love to share. Craftsmanship is top notch and limited production gives it exclusive panache. Plus, many makers support eco-friendly goals. Visit Handmade® Designer Maker at NY NOW®. 

HANDMADE Global Design

Celebrate colorful craft with an arsenal of inviting resources. Upcycled sari garlands, Senegalese baskets, repurposed one-of-a-kind embroidered textiles, roll-on glass beaded bracelets. Artisan workshops from around the world are well versed in weaving, beading, deconstructing, and recreating. Products are ethically sourced and many creatively recycled. Vendors are juried, so you can expect top-level craftsmanship and original design. Handmade Global Design® at NY NOW®.

Home Design

Welcome home! Where you’ll sample premier product for every room of the house, indoors and out. From mirrors to outdoor lanterns, rugs to lacquered boxes and bath accessories. Tantalizing textiles from pillows and throws to breathtaking beaded placemats with vibrant butterflies. Fabulous candles to decorative vessels. With all the on-trend colors and patterns that make it a favorite designation for interior designers and buyers. Home Design at NY NOW®.  

Luxury Lifestyle

Hello, gorgeous. From small pearl baubles to a girl’s best friend, you’ll unearth fine and designer jewelry. Where precious metals, gemstones, bronze, and leather reflect the classic to the edgy—for men, too. Textiles and materials excite with color, pattern, and luxe touch, in chic apparel and stunning accessories. Next-level posh for those who love to be indulged. At the juried Luxury Lifestyle at NY NOW®.


Savor the art of the table to the art of cuisine. Here are tools to create those Insta-worthy posts on-trend tableware, artisanal glassware, sturdy stoneware, delicate recycled glass plates. Mosaic wood bowls. Striped marble servers. Burnished gold to matte black flatware, even unexpected campy camo patterned bistroware. Continue an edible journey by sampling fudge and shortbread from Australia, small-batch olive tapenade and sweet and savory spreads from Spain, lavender candy from Provence. It’s a recipe for entertaining ideas. All in the aisles of Tabletop at NY NOW®.


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